Pizzarella Misokimchi is a humble cozy restaurant run by a team of young professional gourmet food passionate with a very simple goal, i.e. to provide quality gourmet food & excellent restaurant service in the beautiful chilling Cameron Highlands at an affordable price to our diners.  

With more than 18 years of experience in the Food & Beverage sector taking lead in various departments in the hotels, restaurants & boutique bakeries – our team has great exposure from the culinary cooking kitchen to the mass kitchen production, supply chain & the quality control department – which has formed an achor of professional restaurant service in Pizzarella Misokimchi.
Having vast exposure in the F&B industry both locally as well as internationally, our restaurant is well equipment with many state-of-the-art equipment, processes and compliance in our food preparation, ensuring the highest food quality and safety at all time. Hence, we’ve been constantly receiving 5 stars reviews from our diners.

As our best effort to make our diners has a remarkable dining experience in our restaurant,  we adhere strictly to our food philosophy by only using 100% fresh & natural ingredients in all our cooking and we’re completely against of using any ready-made products / sauces in our menu. If we use the ready-made products, there’s nothing special to shout out, as you can even cook the similar taste at your home too.

Hence, this is a good reason to come to savour our food, as you’ll never get the same taste profile in any other restaurants – in short, we provide an unique exclusive taste profile here, and only here, nowhere else!
Company Milestone
  • 2017
    Our team has decided to leave the international corporate market, but to open a halal restaurant that serves premium food quality at an affordable price to the consumers. After a precise market research, we found that there’s no any pizza & western restaurant in Cameron Highlands back then in such a highly popular touristic area – hence, the first pizza restaurant, i.e., Pizzarella was introduced in Cameron Highlands.
  • 2018
    In less than 5 months time, Pizzarella has consistently achieved the full seating capacity and we’ve decided to work on a second restaurant to cover the vast business opportunity. Being a very sharp & precise market researcher, we’ve done a thorough study in the local market and has concluded that there’s none of any Japanese / Korean restaurant in Cameron Highlands, not to mention a halal Japanese Korean restaurant.

    Hence, the 2nd restaurant, i.e., Misokimchi was open after 10 months of Pizzarella opening.
  • 2019
    Halal Sourdough bakery item and scones manufacturing.

    As part of the Group Business Transformation Plan during the Covid Pandemic period in order to keep our business operation running so that we can keep the job for all our employees, the Pizzarella Manufacturing Unit was opened where we could deliver our baked products (Sourdough, scones & the strawberry jam) to the nationwide customers.

    After rounds of pilot test from menu development & logistics test, Pizzarella Sourdough and Scones was created and we’ve been taking a very brave and bald strategy by selling the Sourdough through the online platform – in Lazada & Facebook marketing.

    We’re truly proud to share that our products and services in the online marketing has received extremely good review and feedback (4.9/5.0 rating in Lazada), despite these were fresh perishable bakery items with very short shelf-life.

    Not only that, we’ve applied and obtained another halal manufacturing certificates for the bakery production. While we’ve stopped the Sourdough bakery baking in June 2022 (due to the restaurants are extremely busy & we’ve decided to fully focus on the restaurant dining operation).
  • 2021
    To combine both the restaurant into 1 place in Tanah Rata – Offering a greater variety of menu ranges from Pizza, Western, Japanese, Korean and also the Steamboat, all under one place.

    As to make space for the bakery production plant due to the increase orders, we’ve converted the original Pizzarella restaurant into a bakery production plant solely.

    As both our restaurant brands has achieved extremely good reviews online and also offline, so we are not willing to let go any of the brands. Hence, we’ve taken another strategic decision by combining both the restaurant into one place. After running the 2 in 1 brand (Pizzarella & Misokimchi) for a year, this was another wonderful milestone that we’ve achieved. Customers find it so convenient as they can choose many menus to enjoy all in a go.
  • 2022
    Opening of Pizzarella Misokimchi, Cameron Centrum, another highly strategic touristic area in Cameron Highlands.

    Extremely highly rated by the diners - the highest ranking restaurant in town since opening and till now