Chef's Recommendation

Signature Wild Mushroom Soup

Experience the pure indulgence of our Signature Wild Mushroom Soup served with a delightful piece of homemade garlic bread.

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Grilled Chicken Chop

Indulge in our grilled chicken chop, accompanied by our Homemade Black Pepper or Mushroom Sauce.

Unlike instant powder alternatives, our sauces are carefully crafted from scratch, resulting in a unique taste that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

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New Zealand Cheesy Grilled Mussels
These mussels are grilled to perfection by our Master Chef’s special recipe ~ it’s juicy, fresh & cheesy!

Best recommended as appetizing or side dishes to be enjoyed any time!

Spicy Topokki

Experience the deliciousness of our Spicy Topokki, prepared with top-quality ingredients. This delightful dish features toppoki (rice cake) , zucchini, carrot, onion, and fish cake, all bathed in a special Korean spicy sauce. What makes it truly exceptional is the ability to customize your spice level,choose from less spicy, normal, or extra spicy to suit your taste preferences.

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Spicy Beef Rice

Experience the fiery delight of our Spicy Beef Rice! This authentic Korean dish features premium Australian beef, expertly seasoned with a blend of traditional spices to create a tantalizing heat that will awaken your taste buds. Served atop fluffy Korean rice, each bite is a harmonious explosion of flavors.

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Korean Army Pot - Seafood Lover Set

The Korean Army Pot is our number 1 signature dish in our restaurant.

One of the most popular hot pot dishes in Korea, it is loaded with lot of fresh cabbage, mushrooms, enoki, zucchini, carrot, kimchi, Chicken slices (vegetarian Chicken for the vegetarian pot), serve with ramen & a bowl of rice.  

This soup is so appetizing.

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Caramelized Boba Milk Tea

If you want a special tasty drink in our restaurant – get the Caramelized Boba Milk Tea.

Unlike the Milk Tea in the market which is always very sweet; simply because we do NOT buy the readymade brown sugar syrup from the retail market.

Rather, we cook the Brown Sugar 100% inhouse by our Chef using slow-cook method.

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Popping Boba Refreshing Fruit Tea

Experience pure refreshment with our Popping Boba Refreshing Fruit Tea. This delightful beverage combines the goodness of 100% fresh cold brewed green tea with a burst of zesty citrus flavors including orange, lemon, and passion fruit. Unlike other drinks, ours is made without any premix powder, ensuring a truly authentic and healthy drink.

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French Crème Brulée

A meal might seems not complete without a dessert.

To complete your meal, indulge yourself with either our Italian Panna Cotta or the French Crème Brulee. This is an Award winning recipes by our Chef serving in the fine-dining restaurant.

Now you can savour this fine-dine dessert in our restaurant at the most affordable price.

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